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Smart Art

the most intriguing puzzle art since m. c. escher

a unique experience in the engagement of the imagination

Modus operandi

  • An exhibition of 16 visual lateral puzzles suspended from the ceiling. Each has a visual scene on the front and a set of instructions on the back.

  • The puzzles are in two colours (orange or blue), two canvas shapes (elliptical or rectangular) with two border characteristics (bordered or unbordered). Unknown to the viewer, the puzzles are arranged in 8 pairs with their instructions on the back juxtaposed. Each member of a pair uniquely shares the same colour, canvas shape, and border characteristic. The first task of the viewer is to find the right instructions for the puzzle of interest.

  • The line drawings and text are only slightly different in shade from the canvas background. This creates a feeling of mystique!

  • A saleable booklet will be available at the exhibition containing the solutions.

Pair A-B

                                        front A                                                                                                 back A

                                        front B                                                                                                back B

Pair C-D

                                        front C                                                                                                back C

                                        front D                                                                                                back D

Pair E-F 

                                        front E                                                                                                back E

                                        front F                                                                                                back F


Barry Clarke 001.JPG
  • Puzzle compiler for The Daily Telegraph with over 1500 enigmas published since 1989.

  • Books of original mathematics, logic, and visual lateral puzzles with Sterling, Dover Publications, Cambridge University Press, and Taylor and Francis.

  • Puzzles in The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, New Scientist, Prospect magazine, Reader's Digest, and Brain Games.

  • Challenging Logic Puzzles Mensa has sold over 100,000 copies.

  • Peer-reviewed academic papers and books published in quantum physics and Shakespeare studies.

  • Comedy sketches have appeared on Alas Smith & Jones (BBC), Little and Large (BBC), and Beadle's Hotshots (ITV).


              A:  the tin door reflects the message                                         B: one fish behind the other mouth open

           C: fourth door opened fully onto third                                                                  D: rotated dog

          E: six clocks provide larger clock frame                                              F: each dice is a digit giving total spots

Barry R. Clarke        Tel: 07958 457147       email:

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